Thursday, October 24, 2013

Homework 11

Homework 11

Chapter 15

1. A goal with no obstacles is not worth pursuing.

I completely agree with this statement.The whole reason you play the game is to feel a sense of achievement when you conquer something new.The obstacles will put the player in the situation where they have to challenge themselves.

  2. What is the relationship between the main character and the goal? Why does the character care about it?

The background story of our game comes from the Dragon Ball Z Series. When he or she plays  the game, they will feel just like  the character in the Series.The character will care about the quest because the character has heroism,bravery, is capable, and is trustworthy.The character will want to save the village and their family and friends.

3. What are the obstacles between the character and the goal?
The obstacles between the character and the goal are fighting all the aliens, getting all the clues to find the Dragon Balls ,and then finding the Dragon Balls to move forward.

4. Do the obstacles gradually increase in difficulty? If yes, how?
Yes. The player will have to fight different kinds of aliens, talk to more villagers for   hints.Also the player will have to use to right weapon on the proper alien.

5. Great stories often involve the protagonist transforming to overcome the obstacle. Does your protagonist transform?
As the enemies change throughout the game,the protagonist will get upgraded weapons and abilities. These upgrades will help the player face the challenges.

6. How is the game world simpler than the real world?
In the game world, the player  can get out of the battle and refuel their health by getting food and medicine.Also the goal of the game is relatively simple.All the player has to to is get all the Dragon Balls and defeat the dragon.

7. What kind of transcendent power do you give to the player?
The transcendent power we give to the player in the game is make any wish at the end of the game and it will come true. Also the players could use wishes to call a weapon they want to use to fight the aliens.

8. What is the weirdest element in the game story?
 The aliens attack a medieval village with a virus that infects the village.

9. How do you ensure that the weirdest thing does not confuse or alienate the player?
We will make the aliens look retro so it fits into the game design of the village and the surroundings.

10. Will the players be interested in the game story? Why?
I really think the players will love the game.It it hugely based off of the Dragon Ball Z Series.

Chapter 16

1. In what sense does the player have freedom of action? Does the player "feel" free at these times?

The player can explore every part of the environment. Ideally the player will be able to grab the items, talk to the villagers,fight the aliens. The boundaries in the game will be invisible and will be covered by the trees and the forests. In a nutshell the player will be able to go anywhere they see.

2. What are the constraints imposed on the players? Do they feel constrained?
The one constraint in the game will be the houses with the alien hidden inside.The player will not be able to get into the house until the player kills all the aliens. If the player does not have enough food,money, or weapon strength, the player will be killed by the alien.

4. Can you set constraints to "kind of" force the player to do it?
This is already implemented in our game. The player needs to talk to the villagers to get enough information to progress throughout the game.

5. Can you design your interface to "force" the player to do what you (the designer) wish him/her to do?

We do not have this yet. We might have something in the future  where you hit a button and the person you need to talk to next comes to you.

Homework 12

Homework 12 Task Assignments

My contribution for the team this week is to design a basic concept for each of the world.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homework 9

Homework 9 

Balance #1: Fairness

The fairness of the game will depend on the following items.Each item will be explained.

Balance #2: Challenge vs. Success
The goal of this game is make the game slightly more challenging with every clue the player discovers, and also to keep the player's interest. Some of the challenges in the game will include finding the dragon ball, the player talking to a certain villager to get a better sword.The player will also have to talk to the villager to find where the dragon ball is located. This will keep the player interested in the game.Also each world will be harder than the previous world. The player has to complete the previous world to get to the next world.
Balance #3: Meaningful Choices
One of ways triangularity will be used is in the choice of weapons.When the payer starts the game he will be given a sword.As time goes on, the sword will no longer be enough and the player will have to buy a better weapon in the weapons shop.Different weapons will be needed to fight different aliens.

Balance #4: Skill vs. Chance
We have not implemented skill and chance in our game yet. It might be a good idea.

Balance #5: Head Vs. Hands
I would prefer a game that involves strategy rather than just pushing buttons.We need to combine the mental and physical elements. For example the player would have to think before talking to the villager.They could think about which villagers they should talk to first.While the person is in the maze in the house, the player will have to think about what sword and motion to use to defeat the aliens.

Balance #6: Competition vs. Cooperation
For now our game is a single player game, and the player will fight with the aliens. We are thinking about having the player having to help out the villagers with various tasks.This way the player can get a hidden message from the villagers.

The time to achieve the goal in the game will be different for each player because of the different triggers.For example the player has to kill enough aliens, talk to the people and get the hidden message. We could balance the time in our game

Balance #7: Short vs. Long

The time to achieve the goal in the game will be different for different players because of the many triggers in the game.An example is the player has to kill enough aliens to  get the appropriate weapon upgrades.To balance the time of the game, we need a character that is a sidekick to the player that helps the player out when needed.We will time the messages so a beginning player will not give up.

Balance #8: Rewards
The rewards for our game will be resources such as food needed to increase the player's health, coins to upgrade the weapon, potions needed to rejuvenate the magic,etc). Since the  goal of the game is to collect all the dragon balls to defeat the dragon.Anyone who has seen Dragon Ball z can easily relate to the game.

Balance #9: Punishment
The punishment for the player not fighting the alien would be the player would slowly lose blood. The player would die or have to get medicine or herbs to get their health back.

Balance #10: Freedom VS  Controlled 
The controlled elements in the game will be the environment, the messages that need to be given to the players, the weapon needed to kill a certain kind of alien.
The freedoms that will be given to the player will be able to explore the world and interact with anything to get the needed message and figure out the strategy to get the Dragon Ball.

Balance #11: Simple vs. Complex

The current story and mechanics of the game are pretty simple. We have taken a lot of ideas from the Dragon Ball Z series. The storyline now is basically " Get the needed messages, kill the aliens, and look for the Dragon Ball". We will add more complexity.

Balance #12: Detail vs. Imagination

We have the story set in a medieval setting, which makes it easier for the player to tap into their imagination.Since the player is so familiar with modern technology and settings, it will be a fresh experience for the player.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homework 8

 Homework 8

1.Is the space in your game discrete or continuous?

I think our game is discrete. The objects in the game are placed in different places on the grid.  The spaces of the Weapons Stores are independent and the player is interacting with the villagers for hints.

2.How many dimensions does your space have?

Our game will have 3 dimensions.

3.What are the boundaries of your space? 

The boundaries of the game are the houses and the forest. The boundaries inside the house will be the walls.The player will not be able to see the boundaries.

4.How many verbs do your players (characters) have? What are they?
 Run,jump,Fight,Move,interae inteeract veerb

The fight verb will refer to fighting the aliens and the enemies by using a sword and various weapons.
The move verb will refer to the player moving around the scene with the four direction keys.
The interact verb will refer to the player interacting with the scene.
The run and jump verb will both act on the move verb.

5. How many objects can each verb act on? What are these objects?

The fight verb will only apply to the aliens and enemies in the scene

The interact verb will apply to the player interacting with  the villagers for help and items.

The move verb will apply to the players and the enemies

The run and jump verb will only apply to the player.

6.How many ways can players achieve their goals?

 I feel the best way to achieve the goal would be to have the player collect all the Dragon Balls. There should be one way to complete the game.
7. How many subjects do the players control? What are these subjects?
The goal of the game is for the player to control themselves and the sword or weapon.
8. How do side effects change constraints.

On of the side effects of the game is the player would have to upgrade their sword or weapon to fight a certain Alien. Another side effect of the game would be the person would have to talk to a certain villager to upgrade the sword.This will make it take longer to find all the dragon balls.
9. What are the operative actions in your game?
The operative actions in our game are swing the sword,move backwards and forwards, jump up and down, and run.
10. What are the resultant actions in your game?
The resultant actions of our game will be to talk to the villagers and collect the needed  upgrades to fight the aliens as you progress throughout the game.Also collect all the dragon balls to fight the dragon. Also to enter the store to get the needed power-ups and potions.
11. What actions would you like your players to do that they cannot presently do? (based on your current knowledge of Blender)
I would like to see the characters walk smoothly. I would like to see a health bar implemented and 2 boxes for our 2 weapons (like in Zelda). I would also like to see the aliens and the dragon created.
12. What is the ultimate goal of your game?
The ultimate goal of the game is to collect all the dragon balls and to defeat the dragon. The player will then obtain the wish, and the wish will be to wipe all the aliens out of the village.
13. Are there short and long term goals? What are they?
The short term goals of the game are to fight all the aliens to collect all the dragon ball and to then fight the dragon. The long term goal is to kill the dragon and restore the village to normal.
14.How do you plan to make the game goals known and understood by the player?
The player will get the story from the master at the beginning of the game.As the game progresses, the player will get to talk to more of the villagers and get more of the story.
15. What are the foundational rules of your game?
The foundation of the game is the health bar, the sword  health meter, and the health meters for your most commonly used items. 
  16. How are these rules enforced?
These rules are enforced by letting the player know when the health meter is low hen the player is fighting the aliens. This could be done by a blinking message.And every time a player collects a dragon ball, you could have a basic animation showing the ball go into the bag. You could also have a sword with a bar inside showing your sword health.
17. Does your game develop real skills? What are they?
Yes, this game enforces real life skills. This game will force the player to feel responsible and to use his or her analysis skills to make a strategy. The player will need to analyse the  surrounding area and make a basic strategy to defeat the aliens.
The player's analysis skills will also be tested by having the player talk to the villagers for additional info.
                               18. Does your game develop virtual skills? What are they? 
It could. The player could pick the components that they want to go into the sword.                               

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Homework 7 

In this homework, you are required to use the game engine to enhance your game.
You must use the following elements:
  • Parenting
  • Animation
  • Linking from another file
  • Materials
As usual, you must discuss what you did in your blog and, 
  • Provide one or more images or a video
  • Provide a written description of what you have done
  • Explain how what you have done fits into the larger picture of your game
Here is the video of my rotating ball and chain

To my ball and chain I applied

changing the material

Finally  I linked the file to my level blender file 

Adding my ball and chain in the game is useful because it could be used as a weapon, or a cool animated statue in the city.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homework 6: Chapters 4-5 

1.  For each of the four elements of the Tetrad, explain how it is addressed by your game. If one of the four elements is not used, please state this. 

The first element of the tetrad is Mechanics. Theses are the rules and procedures of your game. We do not have this yet.

The second element of the tetrad is Story. This is the sequence of events in your game.We partially have this.

The third element of the tetrad is Aesthetics.This is how the game looks,sounds,smells and tastes.We sort of have this.

The fourth element of the tetrad is Technology.This is how the aesthetics take place,in which the mechanics will occur, and which the story will be told.We do not have this yet.

2.Do the four (or less) elements work towards a current theme? We kind of have the layout for the medevial village.

3.In your own words, describe the meaning of a "theme", and how does it differ from an "experience" (see book for examples in Chapters 2 and 5. 

I think the theme of a game is what is your game about.It ties your whole game together. I think the experience is how you feel playing the game.

4.What is your game's theme?
I think the theme of our game is a dragon ball-z concept set in an medieval village.

5.What are the elements in your game that are meant to reinforce this theme? 
We really don't have much that to reinforce our theme.We need to meet soon to fix this.

6. What is it about your game that you feel makes it special and powerful?

I feel we have an original concept for a short two level game with a dragon ball-z concept game in an medieval village.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homework 5

Use the game engine, combined with physics, to do something interesting with your objects. 

I used the game engine combined with physics to have the character touch the object

I used the linear velocity in the y direction to have the character touch the object.
g makes the character touch the object to collect it.

This is how i figured out how the character will touch the objects( health powerups,weapons,etc)

You must be able to move the objects with the keyboard (some combination of horizontal, perhaps with, vertical motion). Your characters could jump up for example. 

I used j to move the character in the y and z direction to jump.

i want the character to land flat.

My Description

This work relates to the game because  our game needs jumping or touching to collect objects. I could also use this to show my teammates how to use the physics engine when they are stuck.